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Miami Dolphins Coaching Search: Mike McCoy Believes He Lost Position Because He Wouldn't Keep Todd Bowles, According To Report

Unless the Oakland Raiders decided to give Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy another chance at an interview, he will need to wait another year to get a head coaching job. McCoy lost out on the Miami Dolphins job on Friday to Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. But McCoy had been the front runner all week. What changed?

According to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, McCoy believes that he lost out on the job because he wouldn't promise the defensive coordinator position to interim head coach Todd Bowles. Dolphins management wanted McCoy to bring in Bowles, who has only been a defensive backs coach in the league before the late season promotion. McCoy was willing to interview Bowles, but he wasn't going to hire him just because the team wanted him to.

Was this the reason McCoy wasn't hired? We don't know, but as Salguero writes:

But if Todd Bowles becomes the Dolphins next defensive coordinator under Joe Philbin, you'll know this was indeed a tipping poing in the McCoy interview. You'll know that perhaps the reason the team picked Philbin over McCoy was Philbin's willingness to meet Miami's desires to hire Bowles where McCoy wanted to hire his own people.

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And why shouldn't McCoy want to hire his own guy? Interference from management could negatively impact the team.

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