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Tim Tebow Has 1 More Game 'To Impress The Brass' In Denver's Front Office

Before he left for ESPN, Bill Williamson used to be the Denver Broncos beat writer, so he would seem to be someone to take seriously when he writes this about Tim Tebow:

If Tebow continues to regress next week, the Broncos will likely have to consider what they want to do at quarterback. But the bottom line is, he has another week to impress the brass.

Of course, Williamson writes that after he mentions that Tebow has "terribly regressed in the past two games." But we've also heard from other, unnamed sources that Tebow is the quarterback for the Broncos in 2012. John Elway is going to work with him during the offseason, which he couldn't do last offseason as a result of the lockout.

At this point, maybe the Broncos have changed their mindset on Tim Tebow, and if the playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers doesn't go well for him it could be time for yet another change at quarterback. One shortened season does not determine Tebow's entire career.

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