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Tim Tebow Needs To Improve In Pocket, Says Champ Bailey

People have been talking a ton about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow over the past couple years, and Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey recently got into the action. Speaking on the Jim Rome Is Burning program on Wednesday, Bailey said that he's fully behind Tebow as Denver's franchise quarterback, but he still needs to prove that he can consistently pass from the pocket.

Michael David Smith from Pro Football Talk got the quotes from Bailey, who believes that Tebow needs to improve but is capable of doing it.

I think Tim has a lot to prove still. He’s proven he can win some tough games. Now it’s just being consistent. One thing about him, he’s going to work at it. And I’m behind him 100 percent.

Bailey also compared Tebow to other great running quarterbacks like Steve Young and Michael Vick, while nothing that they learned how to be weapons with their arms in addition to with their legs. He thinks that "the sky's the limit" for Tebow once he's more comfortable passing.

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