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Tim Tebow Injury Explains Why Brady Quinn Warmed Up On Sidelines

Tim Tebow didn't have the best of games against the New England Patriots, but even news of his injury can't explain away what we saw in the first half. But now we know why Brady Quinn was throwing on the sidelines during the game, as the Associated Press' Arnie Stapleton reminds us:

Backup Brady Quinn got ready after Tebow was hit by Vince Wilfork and Rob Ninkovich, but Tebow stayed in.

One week after it was reported that Quinn was receiving more snaps than usual in practice or that he could appear on third downs against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Quinn almost had his first chance to play this season as a result of an injury to Tebow.

Stapleton also reports that the Broncos have yet to acknowledge publicly the injury, but that Tebow did play through "considerable pain."

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