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Tim Tebow Injury: Broncos QB Suffered Multiple Chest Injuries In Loss To Patriots

Tim Tebow is said to have played through "considerable" pain in the second half of Broncos' divisional playoff loss thanks to three separate chest injuries.

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Tim Tebow suffered multiple chest injuries in the Denver Broncos' 45-10 loss to the New England Patriots in the 2012 NFL Playoffs, according to a report by ESPN. This forced him to play through pain for most of the second half. According to Schefter, Tebow tore cartilage on his first rib at the point where it connects to his sternum, bruised his lung and also had fluid accumulate in the "plural space" of his chest, though it was not specified how, or if, any of the injuries were related to any other.

According to Schefter, the injuries stemmed from a hit Tebow took in the pocket early in the third quarter, and were severe enough to require an MRI this past Monday and rehab throughout this week. Schefter's report contained no timeline on when Tebow will be fully recovered from the injuries, but his source does believe that Tebow will be able to begin his offseason training program on time.

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