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VIDEO: Broncos, Patriots Skirmish At End Of 2012 NFL Playoff Game

The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots broke out into a skirmish toward the end of Saturday;s 2012 NFL Playoff game. Von Miller shouldered a Patriots player once the punt had reached far into Broncos territory and then Robert Ayers got into it when everyone got to the sideline. That led to a crowded skirmish on the sidelines.

Bill Belichick got into the middle of it in an attempt to end it. A yell of "Get your asses of of there!" could be heard. There was a pile on and some rolling around, and by the end of it Ryan McBean appeared to be the last person to get up from all of it.

And then right before that we saw Tom Brady punt the ball. We pretty much saw everything in this game:

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