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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Draft Tek Projects CB Chase Minnifield For Broncos

The Denver Broncos were once again near the bottom of the league in interceptions, picking off nine during the 2011 regular season. That was tied for 28th with two other teams. The Broncos could stand to add a cornerback in the 2012 NFL Draft to add help bring up that number. Over at Draft Tek, Virginia cornerback Chase Minnifield is the selection for the Broncos.

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The 6-foot, 188-pound cornerback had three interceptions this season and 13 in his career, being named All-ACC this fall. Once concern with Minnifield is how his recent surgery will affect him leading up to the draft. The surgery removed some floating cartilage and took just 15 minutes to be done.

Champ Bailey is still a good cornerback, but Andre Goodman has shown that he isn't a starter for the team much longer. Cassius Vaughn and Chris Harris need development time, though Harris, a rookie, has done well as the nickel back this season.

Draft Tek has concerns over Minnifield's man coverage abilities, but according to the Reach/Value number on the pick this is just a minute reach. The alternatives Draft Tek offers for the Broncos are two receivers: Georgia Tech Stephen Hill and Baylor's Kendall Wright. The Broncos have found success recently with former Georgia Tech receiver Demaryius Thomas, which means there wouldn't be too much concern over Hill coming out of Tech's run-heavy offense.

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