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Broncos Vs. Chiefs Score: Matt Prater Kicks 38-Yard Field Goal

The Denver Broncos finally caught a break when Javier Arenas muffed a punt deep in his own zone. However, the Broncos left points on the field with the ensuing drive, settling for a field goal and a 7-3 deficit.

The Broncos had the ball at the Chiefs' 20-yard line when Arenas had the ball bounce off of his helmet. Matthew Willis recovered the ball and gave the team excellent field position. However, the offense stalled once again. On third down it appeared that Tim Tebow had his face mask pulled, but the referees did not call a penalty. Matt Prater then had to kick a field goal twice because of a delay of game penalty on Britton Colquitt. It backed Matt Prater up for a successful 38-yard field goal.

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