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Chiefs Vs. Broncos Halftime Score: Kansas City Takes 7-0 Lead Into Final Half

The Denver Broncos had a chance to put three points on the board with 30 seconds left in the second quarter. Instead of attempting a 57-yard field goal with the leg of Matt Prater, an alternate for the 2012 Pro Bowl, John Fox had Britton Colquitt, also a Pro Bowl alternate, punt the ball. With the punt, the Broncos conceded the Kansas City Chiefs a 7-0 lead at halftime.

It has not been a great game passing for Tim Tebow. He is 3-of-8 for passing, which is better than his last game against the Chiefs, but several of the pass have been shaky. Willis McGahee has looked impressive with 13 rushes for 87 yards, but his long runs have come at the middle of the field. He needs to find those runs in the Chiefs' red zone.

Dexter McCluster had a 21-yard rushing touchdown late in the first quarter to put the only points on the board. Tim Tebow thwarted a potential Broncos score by fumbling the ball on a run to the sideline in the second quarter.

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