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NFL Playoff Picture: Oakland Raiders Must Win, Hope For Denver Broncos Loss To Continue Season

The Oakland Raiders saw their playoff hopes dim by a degree on Sunday afternoon after the completion of a couple of early games. The Raiders' only hope of making the playoffs now is, in addition to a win against the San Diego Charger, to see the Denver Broncos lose to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Raiders earlier had a chance to make the playoffs with a win plus help from several other teams. However, none of that came to fruition during the first series of games on Sunday. The New York Jets needed to defeat the Miami Dolphins to help the Raiders, but Miami took a 19-17 victory. The Tennessee Titans needed to lose to the Houston Texans, but they wound up winning, 23-22. Because those outcomes occurred, a Bengals loss does not help the Raiders (but it could the Titans for a Wild Card spot)..

Now the Raiders need a win and a prayer for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos to lose.

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