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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Broncos Draft Pick Close To Being Settled

The 2012 NFL draft order will mostly be set after Sunday's games end, as the non-playoff teams will all be settled into their draft positions (minus those that will need a coin flip to determine final positioning). Mock drafters will breath a sigh of relief finally while they wait for the playoff teams to settle the draft order over the next month.

For the Denver Broncos, a loss drops them out of a draft spot among the playoff teams. But for right now they are among the last teams picks out of those in the playoffs this week. Over at, a three-round projection has the Broncos drafting with the No. 23 pick. The first two Broncos selections are no surprise since they are Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still and Washington running back Chris Polk.

The third round selection of FSU offensive tackle Andrew Datko will draw some questions. After one season, Orlando Franklin, according to the explanation of this pick, can't pass block and needs to be replaced immediately. Franklin has not been the best pass blocker, sure, but he needs more than one season to prove that. He is an ideal run blocker on the right side, though.

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