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Former Broncos OL Mark Schlereth Featured In Star Wars-Themed Fantasy Football Commercial

Fantasy football is so popular that even Darth Vader participates in a league. Just don't get on his bad side (when is he ever not on his bad side?), as former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth learned:

A kicker? In the second round! Oh, Vader, you're not going to win that way, no matter how much faith you have in the guy. Don't go taking your anger out on Schlereth for that.

Actually, I'd be more concerned that Vader seemingly jumps into the second round one pick earlier than he should According to the graphic R2-D2 displays, TK-421, who selects the wide receiver, has the first pick of the round. TK-422 is supposed to follow. But no. Vader barges in, takes his kicker and is rightfully laughed at.

Oh well, we all know that Admiral Ackbar is going to win because he can spot a trap in the draft and work around it.