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Fantasy Football Week 4: Brandon Lloyd Dealing With Reduced Role, But Could Have Big Day Against Packers

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd has gotten off to a rough start this season. Through three games, Lloyd has played in just two games and caught 10 passes for 127 yards. A groin injury prevented him from playing in the second game of the season, but the offense isn't as geared to putting the ball in Lloyd's hands as it was last year with Josh McDaniels at the helm.

But that doesn't mean Lloyd's not involved in the playbook. As Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports, Mike McCoy has specific plays designed for the wide receiver, mostly the deep pass ones. We haven't seen many of those and Lloyd has his own thoughts on this:

"I think it's just us, the coaching staff staying true to running the ball. I think we've kind of gotten into a game-management mode, into an aggressive 'take control' mode, and I think that's what has limited us," Lloyd said.

And outside of Willis McGahee's 101-yard performance against Cincinnati, the running game has struggled to do that. Also, the emergence of Eric Decker provides Kyle Orton with a second target to look for when Lloyd isn't open.

Still, the Packers have allowed over three hundred yards passing in all three games this season, and over 400 to Drew Brees and Cam Newton. If Orton and Lloyd find their connection again, it means good things for the Broncos and fantasy owners.

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