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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Better Than Winless Teams In SB Nation's Latest

Last week, SB Nation's Joel Thorman placed the Denver Broncos as the No. 28 team in his NFL power rankings, a step up from No. 32. In Week 4's NFL power rankings, the Broncos actually moved up one spot to No. 27 following their loss to the Tennessee Titans:

They had a great opportunity against the Titans but couldn't pull it out. Next week's game in Green Bay could get ugly.

That's the No. 1 Green Bay Packers (or somewhere near the top in other rankings), mind you. The Broncos might not be ranked higher than a few of the winless teams next week. As it stands, the Broncos are only better than the league's five winless teams. At least one of those teams will pick up a win (barring an unlikely tie), as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings play this Sunday.

As more power rankings come out, we're likely to see the Broncos stay in this 27-28 area.