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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Will Drop Again

The Denver Broncos fell to 1-2 with a loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. They will stay among the bottom tier of teams in the latest NFL power rankings, but at least they aren't winless.

What little progress the Denver Broncos made in last week's various NFL power rankings is now lost with the 17-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Generally, the Broncos were in the 24-28 range last week with the close 24-22 victory over the Bengals. They, however, will drop due to the road loss against the Titans.

Where might we expect the Broncos to show up this week? Of the seven teams that were 0-2 to start the week, five remain. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings will likely occupy the bottom two spots. For the Chiefs, Matt Cassel ended a comeback attempt with an interception. The Vikings lost a halftime lead for the third straight week.

The Indianapolis Colts played the Pittsburgh Steelers close in the loss and even needed to play Curtis Painter at quarterback. They might actually move up slightly as a result. The Dolphins were unable to hold a lead for long and allowed the go-ahead touchdown with 40 seconds left in the game. The St. Louis Rams had expectations to win the weak NFC West this season, but they are now 0-3 after a 37-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The two teams that picked up their first wins of the season were the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. For the former, Tarvaris Jackson's 11-yard touchdown run in the third quarter proved to be the game-winner. For the latter, rookie quarterback Cam Newton led the team to a 16-10 victory in flood conditions.

The Broncos will likely find themselves ahead of all the winless teams but behind the rest of the 1-2 teams. Expect many of the short blurbs to be about either John Fox's call on fourth-and-goal in the fourth or some sort of Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow issue.