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'Kyle Gives Us The Best Chance To Win,' Says Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox

Sunday's loss to the Tennessee Titans should not be laid at the arm of Kyle Orton. Yes, he threw a critical interception on the final Broncos drive of the game, preventing a wide open Eric Decker from making a catch in the middle of the field. We've come to expect that from him. But this was a team effort at losing that really centered on John Fox's call to go for it on fourth down, which failed.

Still, Kyle Orton isn't winning games for the Broncos. Ask John Fox, though, and he's ready to stick with Kyle Orton. As Lindsay Jones tweets about Fox's press conference today:

Fox said he is confident in Kyle Orton as his starting quarterback. "Right now, in our opinion, Kyle gives us the best chance to win."

It's kind of hard to figure if that is true or not since Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn are still on the sidelines, looking around and watching Kyle Orton not win. If the Broncos fall to 1-3 against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday will Orton still provide the best chance for the Broncos to win? For Fox, probably.

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