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VIDEO: Former Broncos WR Domenik Hixon Makes Astounding TD Catch In End Zone

During the last years of the Mike Shanahan Era in Denver, Shanahan gave up on Akron wide receiver Domenik Hixon way too early. Hixon has become a decent player for the New York Giants. That was quite evident as Hixon came up with an amazing catch that had him juggle the ball before he wound up with the touchdown. As former Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist tweeted about Hixon:

You don't quit on a 4th rd draft choice after 4 games. Reason why coaches should just coach. Great catch by Hixon!
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Video of the catch after the jump.

Here's Hixon's catch:

At first glance it is amazing, but he had the ball coming straight at his chest. He wasn't able to secure it there. Still, he was able to recover from that mistake, juggle the ball a few times and finally come up with the 22-yard touchdown reception.

Would've looked better if he did it in a Broncos uniform.