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If Todd Haley Doesn't Survive In Kansas City, Could Josh McDaniels Take Over?

The Kansas City Chiefs are not in a good place right now. They are 0-2 and have been outscored, 89-10. Head coach Todd Haley must be one of the early candidates to be on the hot seat. This is just Haley's third year at the helm and he did win the AFC West last season, so what gives for this early speculation about Haley's future?

According to Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver, Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and Haley have an awful relationship working together. Combine that with what looks ready to be a losing season could result in Haley finding work elsewhere in the offseason.

If Haley is let go, who might Pioli attempt to replace him with? Silver offers a name all too familiar to Denver Broncos fans:

3) I believe that if Pioli fires Haley, he’ll try to hire his old New England colleague Josh McDaniels, he of the disastrous tenure as Broncos head coach that included dubious personnel moves too numerous to mention, a cheating scandal and five victories in his final 22 games.

Oh, that would be rich. The failed Broncos coach bides his time in St. Louis, moves back to the AFC West and takes over the Chiefs. The potential story lines might be endless. Is McDaniels going to drive the Chiefs into the ground like he did the Broncos? Will there be a Spygate III?

One thing is for sure. I think Josh McDaniels finally gets the last laugh over last November's non-handshake incident with Haley. OK, Haley did apologize for it, but still. . . .