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Fantasy Football Week 2:Knowshon Moreno Injury Prevents Practice Time, Makes Him Risky Play

Knowshon Moreno's fantasy football owners should start looking for other options before they need to set their Week 2 lineups. Moreno's injured hamstring has kept him out of practice since Wednesday and things are not looking good for him on Friday, either.

If owners decided to couple him with teammate Willis McGahee then there may be an added boon since McGahee will pick up carries. However, Lance Ball could also see some action on the field. Still, McGahee is the best in the Broncos' stable of running backs to be a performer this week (last week's four-carry, three- yard performance on the ground notwithstanding). McGahee is also a threat out of the backfield with his five-catch, 32-yard performance last week.

In the long-term, Moreno owners will need to consider moving away from him. Combined with last year's performance, this injury and his general ineffectiveness to reach 22 yards, he could be on a flat trajectory. If the run blocking doesn't open up for him, Moreno will have a hard time picking up chunks of yards. As Jeff Legwold points out in the Denver Post, Moreno's game won't be to shed tackles and pick up yards after contact. If he won't be able to, can McGahee?