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John Fox Isn't Influenced By Billboards; Tim Tebow Prefers Money To Go To Charity

There's still a few more days until several Denver Broncos fans (the ringleader lives in Kentucky) use their pooled $10,000 to purchase two billboards in downtown Denver. They will call for Kyle Orton's benching and the elevation of Tim Tebow to the starter's role. But Orton does have this Sunday's game to sway their opinion the other way, at least for an extra week.

But head coach John Fox won't have his mind changed. As he told the Denver Post recently:

"I've seen a lot of billboards and can't remember one that really influenced me," Fox said, smiling after Thursday's practice.

Tim Tebow is also playing this billboard situation coolly. He told the Post that donating that money to charity, naturally his own, would be a better use of it than to buy two billboards that won't change the situation.

Sure, these guys wanting to buy the billboard space are Broncos fans, but are they just doing it to get publicity that won't last? "Hey, remember years ago when that guy from Kentucky bought those billboards?" "Uh, yeah, what his name?"

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