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2011 NFL Power Rankings Week 2: ESPN Kinder To Denver Broncos

While the Denver Broncos dropped to No. 32 in SB Nation's latest NFL power rankings (hey, Joel Thorman is a Chiefs fan, after all), ESPN only dropped the Broncos one spot to No. 28 in their Week 2 rankings. According to the blurb:

Nothing worse than losing a wrestling match with the rival Raiders. Turnovers were no way to start.

Any time the Broncos lose to the Raiders it stings. But to be in a season opener during the start of a new coaching era? Even worse. It probably makes the players angrier than after last year's 59-14 loss.

Who are the Broncos ahead of at this point? The Carolina Panthers come in at No. 29, mostly due to the astonishing performance of rookie Cam Newton, who threw for over 400 yards. The Bengals, despite winning over the Browns, are next, and they will face the Broncos this Sunday. The Seahawks dropped six spots to No. 31 following their 33-17 loss to the $9ers. Ted Ginn returned a kickoff and a punt within a minute of each other at the end of the game. And at No. 32 are the Cleveland Browns, a dark horse candidate by some entering the season.

I probably would have had the Colts somewhere in the bottom five teams.