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Elvis Dumervil Injury: Denver Broncos' Defensive End Strained Shoulder In Practice

The Denver Broncos lost defensive end Elvis Dumervil to a shoulder injury during their Monday Night Football 23-20 defeat to the Oakland Raiders. Dumervil did play in some nickel situations and obvious passing downs, but Jason Hunter replaced him in the base defense. After the game, Dumervil told reporters that he strained his shoulder in practice and still attempted to play in the game.

This could potentially be a serious injury since Dumervil is unsure if he can play in next week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals. An MRI is expected to come on Tuesday, reports the Denver Post.

Dumervil was the first, but not the last, of injured Broncos. Champ Bailey, Brandon Lloyd and Knowshon Moreno all left the game with groin or hamstring injuries. If any of these are significant, the Broncos are going to be in deep holes, given the lack of quality depth the team has.

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