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Kyle Orton Fumble Leads To Oakland Raiders Touchdown

Just mere seconds after Kyle Orton connected with Eric Decker for a 23-yard reception, the Denver Broncos looked ready to put another score on the play. That is, before Orton dropped back into the pocket, geared up for a throw and then lost control of the ball before he could bring his arm up. There was no defender on top of him; it was just an inexplicable fumble. Had Orton retained possession of the ball, he might have been able to find a wide open Daniel Fells for the touchdown.

Instead, the Raiders turned that fumble into a score for the 23-13 lead. Darren McFadden had the huge 47-yard run to bring the Raiders to the Broncos' one-yard line. Champ Bailey came up with the big touchdown-saving tackle, but Jason Campbell punched it in on a one-yard run one play later.

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