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VIDEO: Sebastian Janikowski Ties NFL's Longest Field Goal Record

Former Denver Broncos kicker Jason Elam used to be able to gloat that he owned a share of the NFL's record for longest field goal at 63 yards. He shared the record with Tom Dempsey. But now Elam must share that record with an Oakland Raider, as well: Sebastian Janikowski. With five second left in the second quarter, Janikowski attempted a 63-yard field goal and hit it:

Via SportsGrid

Janikowski is certainly one of the top kickers, if not the top, in the league today. And he will definitely merit a strong conversation on his credentials for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Whether he'll actually make it is another question. But that ball might actually make its way to Canton.

This particular field goal was much better than Matt Prater's 56-yard attempt earlier. Prater sliced the ball wide and prevented the Broncos from reaching six points in the game. But, hey, Eric Decker returned a punt for a touchdown.