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Raiders Vs. Broncos Update: Knowshon Moreno Fumbles, Raiders Convert Turnover Into Field Goal

If one believes in omens then things don't bode well for the Denver Broncos. On the first play from scrimmage after Oakland's touchdown, Knowshon Moreno fumbled the ball and it started to pour. The play was initially ruled down by contact and Denver's ball, but Hue Jackson challenged the call and picked up his first correct challenge.

The Denver defense stopped Oakland from getting a first down, especially on third down when Brian Dawkins came up with a huge hit. But Sebastian Janikowski nailed a 37-yard field goal. The Raiders now lead, 10-3.

As the rain continues to pour, the Broncos have control off the ball again and need to get a score here. Rain or no, the Broncos need to avoid last season's issues.

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