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Broncso Vs. Cardinals Score: Arizona's Richard Bartel Delivers 19-Yard TD Pass To Larod Stephens-Howling

As expected, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox chose to sit his starters and had the second-stringers start the game against the Arizona Cardinals. There has been something lacking in the game, as Brady Quinn was just 1-of-3 for negative-three yards on his first two drives. He did have a pass to Britt Davis that could have been good, but Davis dropped the ball.

The Cardinals took a 7-0 lead when quarterback Richard Bartel relieved Kevin Kolb on the second Arizona drive. Bartel came up with a third-down throw to Chansi Stuckey that wound up going for a 28-yard gain. Then Bartel fired off a pass to Larod Stephens-Howling, which resulted in a 19-yard touchdown. The Broncos' linebackers showed some poor tackling ability on that scoring play.

On defense for the Broncos, defensive tackle Ryan McBean has pressured the quarterback often. Defensive end Derrick Harvey started and needs a good game.

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