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(VIDEO) Shannon Sharpe Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

Shannon Sharpe, NFL Hall of Famer, gave an emotional induction speech on Saturday. It was the best one of the night. Deion Sanders' wasn't even close to how this one measures up.

Here's video of some key highlights:

via greezyp11

Sharpe's speech really picked up where this video starts. Shannon starts talking about his brother, Sterling, and you can see the emotion in both brothers' face. If not for a career-ending neck injury, Sterling would already have been in the Hall of Fame and Shannon would have completed the first set of brothers to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

But this speech was more about his grandmother, Mary Porter, who raised Shannon, Sterling and their siblings. He had that drive to succeed because he wanted to help his grandmother and wanted her to be proud of him. The most poignant part of the speech came when he asks what his grandmother wants when he has the money to make her life better.

A car? Jewelry? No. She wanted a house that, when it rained, kept the water out. She didn't want to wake up to a wet house. That's all she ever wanted in life. As Shannon said, for two brothers who had millions all she wanted was a house that would keep out the water.

And for a man always known for his words, you can see at the end of the video that he is almost out of them when he turns to Sterling and says that his Hall of Fame day means so much to him because he gets to share it with him.

It'll be a long time before someone has a better one.