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Laurence Maroney Not Guilty On Marijuana Possession, Looks To Sign With New Team

Former Denver Broncos running back Laurence Maroney has been found not guilty on charges of marijuana possession. On Jan. 18, Maroney was reportedly part of a group of men involved in a high speed chase in St. Louis and subsequently arrested for supposedly holding marijuana. His publicist claimed it was a total coincidence that Maroney was even near the incident.

On Tuesday, Maroney's lawyer asked the judge for a directed decision because he believed the case against Maroney had no evidence to support their conclusion. The judge agreed and issued a directed verdict, basically saying that there was insufficient proof in the case and that the jury would find no possible way to convict Maroney.

Maroney now needs to find a new team to take on his services. He arrived in Denver in 2010 after Josh McDaniels sent a fourth-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for him. He was injured for the season, but when he did play it just wasn't very good--just like the entire Broncos' running game in 2010.