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Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn Will Share Broncos' No. 2 Spot Behind Kyle Orton

When the Denver Broncos' first regular season depth chart is released next week, there won't be any surprises at quarterback. Kyle Orton has already been named the starter, and head coach John Fox has stated that Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn will both be the No. 2 quarterback, according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.

Since the third quarterback rule was eliminated during the collective bargaining agreement talks, there is no more need for an emergency quarterback. But with both players the co-designated No. 2 quarterback, opposing teams won't be able to completely prepare during the week for both Tebow and Quinn.

Fox has been quiet on how he will use Tebow during games. Former head coach Josh McDaniels did have the "Tebow Package" that saw the young quarterback come in and run the ball. Fox might have something similar in his plans, but we'll need to wait a little while to find out.

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