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Kyle Orton Chant 'Makes Me Sick,' Says Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano

On Monday, Miami Dolphins fans chanted "We want Orton!" after expected starting quarterback Chad Henne started to underthrow passes during practice at Sun Life Stadium. Head coach Tony Sparano offered his reaction to the chant (via the Sun-Sentinel):

"Beside the fact that it really makes me sick?" Sparano said. "That would be it."

You get that? Sick.

Actually, Sparano goes on to make a good point. It was a practice open to the fans at their home stadium. They should be out there to cheer on their players, whether they are favorites or not. There really are only a few cases when any player should be booed by fans of his own team. This wasn't one of them.

But on the other hand, I also get why Dolphins fans would want a change in quarterback. Henne has struggled to be a starter in the NFL while Kyle Orton has been able to put up good numbers (mind you, he doesn't really finish a season well). Orton isn't the answer in Denver; Miami, though, is a different story.