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NFL Cuts 2011: Denver Broncos Shape Final Roster Over This Week

The Denver Broncos have the rest of the week to determine their final 53-man roster. Roster cuts are in the air.

The Denver Broncos will spend the next week shaping their final roster as this is cut week for the entire NFL. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, teams need to cut their roster down to 80 players, a five-player increase that was likely made to help make up for the shortened offseason. These cuts on Tuesday will likely come from the undrafted free agent pool of players the Broncos signed. Several of them have already been released, including Derek Domino, who had the best name of any player in camp.

Undrafted rookie free agent quarterback Adam Weber seems almost a sure bet to make it to at least the Sept. 3 cut date. Whether he is actually better than Tim Tebow is debatable, but Weber appears to be a good candidate for the practice squad. He might be in a position to be on the active roster in 2012 since Tebow is the only quarterback under contract next season.

The Sept. 3 roster cuts come after the end of the preseason and will determine teams' 53-man rosters. Under the new rules, teams can now have 46 of their 53 men active on game day. This eliminates the third quarterback rule, which was archaic. Now teams don't need to worry about using their third quarterback and being stuck with him for the rest of the game. For the Broncos, that means Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow will be active and available to use at any point during the game.

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