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Kyle Orton, No. 22 Quarterback In ESPN Scouts Inc. Rankings

As we continue our look at ESPN's Scouts Inc. ratings at each position, the quarterback rankings are now available (Insider subscription needed) for us to dissect. How does the Denver Broncos' Kyle Orton stack up against the rest of the field? It's easier to just look at where he ranks among the AFC West's quarterbacks since we know he isn't anywhere near being an elite one. Here's how the AFC West starters play out:

6. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers - No qualms about this. He is a very good quarterback, and with Vincent Jackson around for a whole season (barring injury) and Antonio Gates also going strong, Rivers has plenty going for him.

16. Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs - Once upon a time Matt Cassel could have been in a Broncos uniform, but Josh McDaniels wasn't able to pull off the trade. Throwing to Dwayne Bow definitely helps him and the additions of Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin provide him with other options. He hasn't been great during the preseason, but does that really matter?

21. Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders - Has Campbell finally found a home where he can be the unquestioned starter? Oakland seems like the place, but Terrelle Pryor is in the background.

22. Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos - This seems about right. We know Orton isn't a difference-maker at the position and he has problems finishing strong during the second half of the season. Will having challengers to his position help him improve his game this season?

Tim Tebow comes in just five spots after Orton, which shows that there are some evaluators who do believe in Tebow as an NFL quarterback. However, Brady Quinn comes in at No. 78. It appears that these rankings are based on previous work, as Quinn would likely move up if 2011 preseason performance was factored in.