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Kyle Orton Has No Guarantee To Be Part Of 2012 Denver Broncos

For everyone calling for Tim Tebow to be cut or traded by the Denver Broncos, that is short-sightedness. Tebow is the only quarterback currently on the roster who is also under contract for the 2012 season. He has about $7 million committed to him in salary and bonuses this season and is due about $2 million in 2012. Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn are both free agents, as is Adam Weber, whom at least one person believes is better than Tebow.

As the Denver Post's Jeff Legwold points out, there are no indications that the Broncos do want to sign Orton for the long-term. If they wanted to do that, they would already have started talking a contract with him. Orton stands to gain much more from hitting free agency than signing with the Broncos. Why would the Broncos want to overpay Orton to stay with them, Legwold asks.

For now, Orton will take his near $9 million salary for the 2011 season and see how things play out. If he continues to disappear in the second half of the season, Quinn and Tebow are ready to step in. And after the season, everything is up in there air. Tebow? Andrew Luck in the draft? Let's deal with that in 2012. A quarterback conundrum right now helps no one.

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