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Skip Bayless Dares Denver Broncos To Move Tim Tebow

Skip Bayless is at it once again. He's, you know, daring the Denver Broncos to give up on Tim Tebow. Because Tebow moved to the No. 3 quarterback spot for last Saturday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

I DARE DENVER TO TRADE OR EVEN CUT TEBOW. Love to see him make fools of Elway/Fox in, say, Oakland. Shame what doing to him. Gamer. Winner.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


As Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post points out, Tebow has $1.6 million guaranteed in 2011 and a $6.275 million bonus coming on Sept. 2. No one will want to trade for that, and the Broncos aren't going to release him and take a cap hit on a player who has barely any NFL experience.

As for Bayless's example of Tebow joining the Oakland Raiders, how exactly would he unseat Jason Campbell as the quarterback there? Seems like Tebow would just be in the same situation there or anywhere else he goes.

But until the Broncos do make a final decision on what to do with Tim Tebow (and that could take another year or two), this is the story that will never die. And guys like Skip Bayless will continue to bloviate on the supposed Tim Tebow controversy.