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2011 NFL Supplemental Draft On Tap For Monday

The 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft takes place on Monday. The Denver Broncos are unlikely to draft anyone, but we'll find out after 11:00 a..m. MT.

The 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft will finally take place on Monday after a delay of a few days. Terrelle Pryor is the big name available, but he's in this thing because of all of his troubles while at Ohio State. Pryor had to go through hoops to become eligible for the supplemental draft and was finally allowed in last week. He'll just need to serve a five-game suspension once he signs a contract.

Pryor held a pro day that had 17 teams show up, but the Denver Broncos were not one of those teams. The Oakland Raiders, though, were one of those teams and, according to one report, he received high grades from them in every category except for quarterback. It wouldn't be surprising if Al Davis' Raiders took Pryor and converted him to a new position. Pryor is likely no more than a fifth- or sixth-round selection in the supplemental draft as a quarterback or at a new position.

There are five other players eligible for the draft: Western Carolina defensive back Torez Jones, Georgia running back Caleb King, Lindenwood defensive end Keenan Mace, North Carolina defensive end Michael McAdoo and Northern Illinois defensive back Tracy Wilson. King and McAdoo have the best chances of being selected, but signing as free agents is the better bet.

The draft will take place via e-mail at 11:00 a.m. MT. Teams put in silent bids on a player, offering a draft pick in a particular round. The highest bidder receives the player. Should a team offer, for example, a fifth-round pick for Pryor, that team's fifth-round selection in the 2012 draft will be lost.