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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2011: Where Are Denver Broncos Going?

Still need to figure out where you should draft a player in fantasy football? Let's see where guys from the Denver Broncos are going.

Many fantasy football drafts have already taken place, but if yours hasn't you'll want to know where everyone is going. But what about players from the Denver Broncos? Let's take a look at one of the more recent mocks done by the folks over at ESPN.

The first Denver Bronco is running back Knowshon Moreno with the first pick of the fourth round. It's an interesting gamble that could pay off--if he finally lives up to the expectations that surrounded him when he was the 12th overall pick in the 2009 draft. As the write-up on the pick points out, Willis McGahee (chosen in Round 9) could vulture some touchdowns away from Moreno, which hurts Moreno's fantasy value. Still, Moreno is ready to shoulder the load in the ground game.

Brandon Lloyd goes 11 picks later with the last pick of the round. Lloyd is unquestionably the No. 1 target for Kyle Orton in this offense, but with John Fox ready to reinvigorate the ground game, Lloyd may not lead the league in receiving yards again.

Running down the rest of the list, Kyle Orton is off the board in the 14th round, which is sensible given the cloud surrounding the position. He is best as a secondary option. One round later, second-year receiver Eric Decker is selected. He is expected to be the third receiver, but could surpass Eddie Royal.

And that's it for the Broncos taken in this draft. Maybe in a future mock we'll see tight end Daniel Fells drafted, as he is likely to be an important receiving option and could pay dividends for fantasy owners.

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