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Orlando Franklin Named In Yahoo! Sports Investigation Into Miami Athletics

Denver Broncos rookie and former Miami Hurricanes offensive lineman Orlando Franklin was named in Yahoo! Sports' Chris Robinson's investigation of the college program.

Charles Robinson's investigation into Miami Hurricanes athletics and its connection to one-time booster Nevin Shapiro has cast allegations on Broncos rookie offensive tackle Orlando Franklin. According to Robinson's investigation, there are at least four allegations that Shapiro provided Franklin with impermissible benefits. 

Franklin reportedly visited Shapiro's mansion in Miami multiple times and received food, drinks and entertainment (ambiguous on the last count). Shapiro also supposedly helped Franklin receive special treatment at Miami nightclubs. Another allegation is that Franklin received bounty pay for his on-field actions against opposing defensive linemen.

The fourth claim--that Shapiro paid for a $1,000 dinner that Franklin attended--is supported by a credit card statement that Yahoo! Sports obtained. This claim and the others are tame compared to some of the others listed in Robinson's report.

Franklin is expected to be the starting right tackle for the Broncos this season, but as this investigation blows up even more Franklin may need to start answering questions sooner rather than later. According to Yahoo! Sports, Franklin did not respond to phone calls.