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Denver Broncos' Salary Cap Space Well Above League Average

Now that the major free agency period has died down, it's time to find out how much salary space teams have around the league. The NFL Network's Jason La Canfora has done all that for us. The Denver Broncos have the sixth-most salary cap space in the league at the moment with $24,302,469.00 available to spend. The total salary the team has spent so far is $102,627,531.00. The Broncos' total salary threshold, should they ever reach it, is almost $127 million.

The team with the most cap space? The Kansas City Chiefs with nearly $33 million available to use. The team salary as it stands on Tuesday is about $93.5 million. Both teams are well above the average $111 million team salary and the $11 million in cap space. The Raiders and Chargers are closer to the salary cap with $5 million and $3 million available.


Surprisingly, the Philadelphia Eagles, for all the money they've spent during free agency, have a little over $2 million left available. The St. Louis Rams are the only team over the cap, spending just over $800,000 more than allowed.


For the Broncos, this means they'll have money to spend should they need to pick up some extra players due to injuries (looking at you Ty Warren).