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Fantasy Football 2011 Rankings: Kyle Orton A Decent Secondary Option For Teams

It's time for fantasy football to kick into high gear. Where should Kyle Orton be ranked among the league's quarterbacks for fantasy drafts?

Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton was a top fantasy football quarterback for the first half of the season, but then, with the losing mounting, he dropped off, just as Orton usually does in the second half of the season. Under standard scoring options, he likely gave teams five 20-point performances, topped off with a four-touchdown performance against the Kansas City Chiefs. But then he really fell apart during the second game against the Chiefs and that horrible game against the Cardinals.

But Orton is back with the Broncos this season and in a new offense. Instead of having Josh McDaniels' aerial attack we saw for two seasons, John Fox is committed to running ball again--just like the Broncos did when they were a winning team. That will not help his fantasy value. Tim Tebow's presence on the roster could also prove a distraction for Orton and hurt his fantasy stats.

When deciding on a quarterback this season, rank Orton in the bottom third of quarterbacks for now. ESPN has done so, as they project just over 3,000 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and 15 interceptions for the Orton. If one decides to draft Orton, don't make him the starter. The disappointment can be expected in the second half of the season, but the first half could provide small rewards.