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LenDale White Prefers Good, Ol' 'Mile High'

With Invesco Field at Mile High likely to be Sports Authority Field soon enough, how are the players feeling about the change? LenDale White, who grew up in Denver, recently told the Denver Post:

"I just like 'Mile High' [...] I grew up with Mile High, Orange Crush, John Elway. It will seem weird -- what did you say it was? Sports Authority at Mile High? Whatever pays the bills, I guess."

Having to sell the naming rights stops a stadium from being unique.

Brady Quinn also provided his opinion on the matter and simply stated, "Maybe it's time for a change." Maybe like Quinn is hoping for a change at the Denver Broncos starting QB position. But Sports Authority Field is almost set to happen. Quinn's chances at being the team's starting quarterback are considerably smaller.

But, hey, he played decently in Thursday's preseason game against the Cowboys, throwing for over 100 yards and one touchdown.