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Sports Authority Attempts To Buy Naming Rights To Invesco At Mile High

In less than a week, the Denver Broncos may be playing on Sports Authority Field at Mile High. That is, if a public vote gives the OK for Sports Authority to take over the naming rights. Should that vote be approved, which it likely will, Sports Authority is going to pay $150 million over the next 25 years to have its name before Mile High.


Quick thoughts on this: It's a step up from Invesco Field at Mile High. At least is has to do with sports, unlike Invesco. That Sports Authority is based in Colorado is also a great plus for this move.


On the other hand, it's still a "Something Something at Blank." How many of us actually refer the place as Invesco Field at Mile High on a daily basis? It's still Mile High Stadium to many, even if it isn't the old Mile High Stadium.


This will definitely take away a few groans over the stadium, but in this day and age we'll always have some sort of naming rights issue.