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How Badly Do Dolphins Fans Want Kyle Orton? They're Already Chanting For Him!

Kyle Orton remains the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback for the time being, but that isn't stopping Miami Dolphins fans from expressing their desire for him. According to a tweet from the Palm Beach Post's Brian Biggane (via PBP's Edgar Thompson and ProFootballTalk), fans were chanting 'We want Orton" after expected starter Chad Henne started to underthrow passes.

But Dolphins fans may be in for a long wait or never at all. Orton and the Dolphins would need to reach a compromise on a new contract before the Broncos and Dolphins agree on a trade, the snag that ended the first attempt at a trade.


Still, if this goes on much longer and if the two teams reach a deal eventually, the Broncos will hurt themselves in the short term. Kyle Orton is taking all the first-team snaps, which adversely affects Tim Tebow should he take over for Orton after a trade.


How does this end?