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Broncos' Player-Led Camp Merges With Others, Waits For Resolution On NFL Lockout

If the NFL Lockout ends soon enough, training camps may be able to start on time and preseason games won't need to be canceled. But that's if a new collective bargaining agreement is in place within a week or so. If not, teams and players will begin to feel the real impact of a lockout.

But for the Denver Broncos, like many other teams, voluntary camps continue through the summer. And after last week, the camp safety Brian Dawkins organized has ended and transitioned into part of a camp run by Loren Landow, who oversaw the original workouts, reports the Denver Post.

Landow, the article states, was really encouraged by the work of the offensive lineman. Having consistency on the line will be an issue for the Broncos when they enter camp since they struggled with that early on in the 2010 season. With the loss of Ryan Harris and the addition of Orlando Franklin at right tackle, getting in sync will be a top priority.

This Camp Landow is a mix of Broncos players as well as players and free agents who are located in Denver as well as undrafted free agents waiting to get their shot at an NFL roster.

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