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NFL Free Agency: Willis McGahee Still Unsigned As Denver Broncos Look Around

Despite reports that the Denver Broncos had agreed on a three-year contract with free agent running back Willis McGahee, no deal is in place and it could be a little while until there is a final decision As the Denver Post reports, team sources refute that a deal is in place, but that doesn't mean the team won't wind up signing him to a deal, likely according to the terms previously released.

The report also mentions that the Broncos will look at hosting three running backs and have them take physicals before any deal is reached. No word, though, has come out on who those players are (McGahee likely one of them).

Knowshon Moreno looks and feels better at the start of training camp, but he'll need someone to complement him even if he is much improved. The days of the workhorse running back are dwindling.

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