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Denver Broncos Vote To Re-Certify Union

In a scene that is happening all around the country at NFL training camps, the Denver Broncos voted to approve the new collective bargaining agreement and to re-certify the union on Wednesday. It was a unanimous vote by the players.

A majority of all NFL players need to approve both items in order for the new league year to begin on Aug. 4. The vote is considered a formality since the the NFLPA executive council and the 32 player representatives all have voted in favor of the new agreement and have recommended it to the body of NFL players.

Broncos safety Brian Dawkins is the team's player representative and a member of the executive council, so he was heavily involved in these negotiations. But now with all that over, Dawkins can enjoy the final few years of his career and then enjoy retirement.

In fact, everyone involved with the NFL can enjoy the next 10 years of uninterrupted labor peace.