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Knowshown Moreno Looking Noticeably Fitter, Sounds Excited For Start Of John Fox Era

Most of the conversation about the first two days of Denver Broncos traiing camp has revolved around whether or not Kyle Orton would be traded for salary cap purposes, which of course would lead to Tim Tebow having every opportunity in the world to secure the starting quarterback role for the Broncos to start the 2011 season. Well, two days of camp have come and gone and Orton is still in the mix and looking good at Dove Valley.

Now that the air has been cleared about the need for the Broncos to slash salary in order to get under the cap, it’s actually probably a fairly safe bet that Orton is in Denver in 2011.

So, let’s give some other guys some attention why don’t we? Whether it’s Orton or Tebow under center, the Broncos will need to run the ball much better than they did in Josh McDaniels’ two years at the helm. Knowshown Moreno failed to eclipse the 1,000 yard plateau in his first two seasons. Taken with the 12th overall pick in the 2009 Draft, Moreno toted the ball 247 times as a rookie, a healthy but not excessively high number. He averaged an unspectacular but acceptable 3.8 yards per carry, which left him just 53 yard shy of 1,000 as a rookie.

His carry total plummeted to 182 last season despite averaging a very solid 4.3 yards per pop. He did miss three games due to injury, but the Broncos simply aired it out all the time in ’10, often because they were trailing but also because McDaniels clearly prefers to spread it out and lean on the short passing game.

You can count on John Fox renewing a commitment to the run in his first season at the helm. It’s always been his M.O. and preffered strategy. That should mean more carries for Moreno, who is looking vastly more fit and cut at the outset of this year’s camp. Moreno took some time out of his busy Friday to talk to join The Drive on 104.3 The Fan and talk about the start of training camp, what he’s been doing this offseason to get in such great shape, and his initial impressions of John Fox.

On looking so much thinner and cut this year:

"I look good! I look better. "

What did he weigh at the start of last year's camp?

“About 210.”

And what’s he weigh this year?


On what he’s doing differently this offseason

“Just training different. I was doing cross-fit, which is much different than just going to the gym and working out. Moving around and doing different kinds of pull and snatches; and I wasn’t doing that in other years.”

On players being able to get in great shape during the offseason away from the practice facility provided they’ve got a plan and are committed:

“I’ve leaned out. I’m eating better. That’s the main thing, I’m just eating way better.”

How’s he feeling:

“I feel good, I feel fast. People say I look a little faster, but it’s still early at the same time. But I feel good.”

On training camp being more focused

He brings a great chemistry to the team and just his personality in general, and everyone just feeds off that. It’s not just yell, yell, yell all the time — which is good sometimes — but he really knows…he’s a players coach really, and just knows how to do those things that we all need. We’re hard working but at the same time, we know how to pay also."

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