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Kyle Orton Trade Rumors: Miami Dolphins Still Talking With Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins did not complete a much rumored trade of Kyle Orton on Wednesday. What we do know is that the Broncos are talking with the Dolphins, but the holdup could be over Orton's desire for a new, multi-year contract.

Orton did show up for his physical and attend a later team meeting, but things still point to Orton being moved. The NFL Network's Michelle Beisner, though, paints a bit murkier picture with her tweet on Wednesday night:

A lot of peeps lookin for update on Orton trade. I'm told, trade talks are not dead, could still happen. Fluid is the name of this game!!!

This may just be the use of bad phrase on Beisner's part. With Kevin Kolb still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals could still trade for Orton, which is why the Broncos may be holding on to Orton for just a little bit longer. While the Kolb-to-Arizona trade is believed to be done by the end of this week, things could still change. As Beisner remarks at the end of her tweet, "Fluid is the name of the game."

Will the Broncos ultimately settle on a third-round pick or will they try to negotiate an escalator and have it move to a second-rounder in the event of some sort of marker on the season? Hopefully we'll find out more on Thursday.

Stick with this StoryStream as the competition heats up or a trade is made. For more on the Broncos, visit Mile High Report.