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Jamel Hamler Signs With Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos signed Fresno State wide receiver Jamel Hamler (via @RavensInsider) on Tuesday to add to their growing pool of undrafted rookie free agent additions. Hamler is the third rookie wide receiver the team has drafted, which seems a bit odd. It's not exactly an area of need.

Hamler declared for the NFL Draft as a junior after finishing with 54 receptions, 812 receiving yards and six touchdowns. He had five touchdowns on 37 receptions in 2009 (503 yards).

Could the Broncos hit on one of these receivers and find a diamond rough, just as they did with Rod Smith all those years ago?

Here is an updated list:

Brandon Bing, CB, Rutgers
Marshall Williams, WR, Wake Forest
Mark Dell, WR, Michigan State
Patrick Hill, FB, Miami
Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn
James Rogers, CB, Michigan
Chris Harris, CB, Kansas
Colby Whitlock, DL, Texas Tech
Deron Mayo, DE, Old Dominion
Curt Porter, OT, Jacksonville State
Adam Weber, QB, Minnesota
Jamel Hamler, WR, Fresno State

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