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Broncos Continue Undrafted Free Agent Signings

The Denver Broncos' foray into the undrafted free agent market has a consistent pattern emerging. It started with Rutgers CB Brandon Bing's announcement that he was a Bronco and more announcements followed. has a complete list for every team (and is constantly updating it). Here are the Broncos' additions at the moment:

Brandon Bing, CB, Rutgers
Marshall Williams, WR, Wake Forest
Mark Dell, WR, Michigan State
Patrick Hill, FB, Miami
Justin Jones, TE, Toledo erroneous report
Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn
James Rogers, CB, Michigan
Chris Harris, CB, Kansas (announced after original publish time)

Clearly the Broncos are concentrating on the secondary, looking for depth at wide receiver and want to bring size to the back field. Hill is a stout 5-foot-8, 255 pounds. Rogers is a corner, but he also played receiver for the Wolverines.

These signings won't be official until Tuesday morning, which means these are more like "promises" right now.

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