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Ryan Harris Among Denver Broncos' Unrestricted Free Agents

The 2011 NFL Free Agency period is set to kick into action on Tuesday and provide plenty of wild times for clubs. The Denver Broncos don't have many unrestricted free agents heading into this free-for-all, but, as expected a couple of players did join the previous list with the new collective bargaining agreement. ESPN has compiled a list of all unrestricted free agents and here are the Broncos':

Player Position Accrued Seasons
Fields, Ronald DT 6
Maroney, Laurence RB 5
Eckel, Kyle RB 4
Harris, Ryan OL 4
Thomas, Marcus DT 4


Fields and Maroney are unlikely to come back since the team has placed defensive tackle and running back as their top priorities in the coming free agent market.

Ryan Harris and Marcus Thomas are unrestricted free agents as the new CBA grants that status after four accrued seasons in the league. There's a chance either could return, but with rookie Orlando Franklin seems to have ousted Harris out of the right tackle position. Thomas has been expecting to move on since March, at least.

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